To My Kids

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I watch you as you sleep, your dreams woven snuggly around you like a blanket made of the day’s memories. I listen to you breathing, your body softly drinking in the hope, courage, inspiration, and love with which we try to surround you every day. Your hands are gently curled around what I imagine is my hand holding yours in your dream… and so, I slip my hand into yours and in your sleep, you softly grasp it. As I stand there in your nightlit room surrounded by the relics of your day, I am suddenly and keenly aware of the most singular privilege that you have given me – that of learning how to be a mother.

With you, I have learned to live with honesty and integrity, for in teaching you how to build a life that you are proud to call your own, I must learn to be proud of my own.

With you, I have learned to survive my mistakes, my many failings and travails, for a healthy, happy you stands witness to their insignificance.

With you, I have learned that while pain and fear are unavoidable, I have the strength and courage of a superhero.

With you, I have learned that I know very little but armed with insatiable curiosity and imagination, there is a lot for me to learn.

With you, I have learned to love without restraint, a love so powerful as to take my breath away and leave me speechless at the marvel… of you.

I watch you now that you’re not looking and I wonder what you see. I hope that as we hold each other’s hands in your dreams, you see beside you a brave, strong, kind, creative, and loving woman whom you are proud to call “Mommy.”  It is a badge I am honored to wear.


  1. Perfect. I needed this today. Thank you.

    Joanna, mommy of two little girls, 3 and 1 who sometimes take my breath away in a not-so-romantic way, but are now peacefully napping as I take a moment to myself before tackling the toll their morning hurricane of devious pleasures took on my house!

  2. Beautiful!

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