Brothers and Sisters

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I give you the “Awesome Brothers” and the “Sensational Sisters.” Gotta love...

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This Morning

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This is what I saw when I walked into the Negotiator’s room this morning: Nice.

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Today is the Negotiator’s seventh birthday, my first baby. He laughed so hard when I wished him a “Merry Christmas” this morning. What a way to begin my day! In honor of this little man, I bring you today’s post. Out of the blue last night, the Negotiator began to tell me about a friend of his who’s baby brother passed away after a few days home from the hospital. I don’t know the details but I gathered the baby was ill when they brought him home and he died in his sleep one night. He said that his friend’s family woke the next morning and they couldn’t hear the baby crying and that’s how they knew he had died. That sentiment – that the sign of life is marked by our ability to cry – was such a big emotion for him to capture that it took me by surprise. He went on talking about the baby and how sad his friend was so I said, “it sounds as if this story upset you…?” “Yes, It did.” “Why do you think that is?” “Well, because X is my friend and the most wonderful thing in life that a person can hear is the sound of his baby crying and X can’t hear that.” I didn’t know what to say so he went on, “everybody should get to have a baby brother and X doesn’t have one anymore.” When I woke up at 4:30 this morning to the baby’s cry of hunger, I couldn’t help but think back to this story and be so immensely grateful to hear the shrill cry of life coming from the next room. Thank you, big brother, for reminding us on this day – your birthday – about what is truly important in life. © Tot Thoughts – smart parenting for smart child...

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Spring Break

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Today marks the end of spring break week for the Negotiator. It entailed a lot of play dates, art projects, reading Harry Potter, watching favorites shows, playing Wii and Wild Kratts and doing this: [youtube]

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Daddy’s day off

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As a gift for successfully completing ten years of marriage intact, my lovely in-laws graciously agreed to take the Negotiator and the Diva for the weekend so Daddy and I could have some “time off” (not entirely since we still had the baby but really, that baby can raise himself). Now, as I am sure many of you can appreciate, there is a vast array of things that one can do on a day off: read, work-out, play the piano, watch a movie, shower (!), get a massage, climb a mountain, go hang-gliding, take a hot air balloon ride, swim with dolphins, or even nothing at all. Daddy, however, chose to use his day off doing this (original quote included):                     You can take the kids away from Daddy but you’re not likely to take the kid out of him. 🙂 Here’s to another 10 years of...

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My Life as Chronicled by Centerpieces

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Ok so this post is not about my whole life because frankly, centerpieces aren’t that interesting but bear with me. It goes something like this: Period of my life –> centerpiece. Enjoy! College –> John Rawls on a weekday and Franzia on the weekend. Post-college year in Japan –> the week’s ikebana courtesy of my friend Beth. Pre-marriage, fresh from Japan with about $1,000 to my name and not really able to afford a centerpiece –> all of my bills for things I could ill-afford. Post-marriage, flushed with love and money –> fresh flowers every week. First child, cramped in 450 sq. ft. apt. with Mexicans and Russians and forced to use a spare TV stand and the only flat surface in the apartment as a dinning table/dresser/diaper-holder/occasional changing table –> whatever happened to be on it at the time. Second child –> this period is a blur, I don’t remember living through it, let alone what I had on my table. Third child –> the...

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