20 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Musical Intelligence

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20 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Musical Intelligence

So you want to improve your child’s Musical Intelligence?

Well, I have 20 fun, engaging and crazy effective ways for you to do that.

But first, if you don’t already know:

What is Musical Intelligence?

Musical Intelligence is one of eight computational abilities that we all have and it pertains specifically to your ability to process information through sound and auditory stimuli.

Children who favor a Musical Intelligence will gravitate towards musical forms of interaction and communication.

The does not mean they don’t use their other eight intelligences. Nor does it mean that only kids who are good at music use their Musical Intelligence.

How do you develop Musical Intelligence?

Below are 20 ways to help your child develop their Musical Intelligence.

The activities are presented in levels of increasing complexity. These levels are in no way related to a child’s age or grade level. Rather, in light of the fact that each child has a unique intelligence profile, these activities allow children to start at whatever level they prefer and to continue feeling engaged and motivated as they advance to the more challenging levels.

PS – many of these activities also help develop other intelligences (see the MI code references here).


  • Create a song to teach a friend something they don’t know. Test them on their knowledge. Did the song work? Why or why not? [L.I.] [Ia.I.] [Ie.I]
  • Create a song or a rhyme to help you remember something new. [L.I.] [Ia.I.]
  • Listen to instrumental music and discuss its meaning with a friend. What emotions does the music convey to you? Are they the same emotions that your friend is experiencing? [Ia.I.] [Ie.I]
  • Create a song about a story you have heard or read. [L.I.] [S.I.]
  • Listen to different types of music. How do they make you feel? Why? Reflect upon which music helps you relax, which music helps you concentrate, which music wakes you up, etc. [Ia.I.]
  • Try using music as a background to learn something new. How does the music affect your experience?
  • Listen to patterns in music. [LM.I.]
  • Listen to instrumental music and try to replicate the various sounds with your voice. [BK.I.]
  • Have a friend make silly movements. Create the sound effects that go with those movements. [BK.I.] [Ie.I]


  • Explore words that sound like what they mean (e.g. “boom”). Create new ones. [L.I.]
  • Write a poem and read it out loud emphasizing certain sounds. Change the sounds you emphasize, how does that affect the poem? [L.I.]
  • Listen to a song and change your facial expression whenever someone else sings or there is a different instrument. Use your body to pretend you are playing the various instruments you hear. [BK.I.]
  • Listen to music from different cultures. How does the music differ? How is it similar? What does the music tell you about the time and place in which it was composed? [Ie.I.]
  • Take a walk and listen to the different sounds. Illustrate what you think the sounds look like as well as the source of the sound. [N.I.] [S.I.]
  • Listen to a piece of music and illustrate the story you think the music is conveying. [S.I.]
  • Listen to different kinds of music. How do they make you feel? What does the musician do to convey those emotions? [Ia.I] [Ie.I]
  • Have a friend play a rhyming game with you by trying to find as many words that rhyme with the first word. Create a story using these words. [L.I.]


  • Read a story out loud and focus on intonation and fluency, discuss how this affects the story. [Ie.I] [L.I.]
  • Invent a new musical instrument and illustrate it. [LM.I.] [S.I.]
  • Assign different sounds or musical notes to your body parts and compose a song using your body. [BK.I.] [LM.I.]

* (image courtesy of Flood).

Want to see more activities to help develop multiple intelligences? Try these.

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