25 Easy Ways to Help your Child Improve his Math Skills

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25 Easy Ways to Help your Child Improve his Math Skills

So, your child struggles with math?

They pay attention, they work hard, they do their homework and yet… those tricky math concepts simply refuse to sink in.

You bring in tutors, you practice flash cards, you spend hours going over worksheets, drilling your child in the car or at the breakfast table.

You tell yourself that if your kid just keeps at it, one day, it’ll “click.” But deep down, you’re worried that they’re falling further and further behind. Your child’s teacher is worried too.

And your child is starting to think they’re not smart. Worse, you’re starting to wonder if that might not be true.

Well, here’s the truth about math skills:

Actually, it’s two truths:

  1. Your child’s intelligence has little to do with his math skills
  2. Improving your child’s math skills is as simple as teaching them how to think logically and mathematically

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